If you’re looking to take your garage to the next level, make sure you do it right. You want your garage floor coating to last for years to come without having to worry about repairs and maintenance. Stark Coatings is the best choice for long-term durability and aesthetics because it:

  • Is 3X more resistant to abrasion than 100% solid epoxy
  • Is 100% UV resistant and will never turn yellow
  • Can be applied throughout the year regardless of weather
  • Is completely resistant to the movement of hot tires and almost all common chemicals including calcium, salt, oil, gasoline and grease.



Our product enables businesses to return to their normal operations after just 1 day, meaning there’s minimal downtime for you and your customers. Designed for maximum resistance to abrasion (3X more than the 100% epoxy) and long-term sustainability, concrete coating products used by Stark Coatings are ideal for areas with heavy traffic, and require minimal maintenance. Our products don’t need to be waxed or polished and are completely waterproof and resistant to the vast majority of chemicals.

Balconies and Outdoors

We also offer a durable and attractive solution for all your balcony, exterior concrete, or poolside problems. Our Stone Collection patented polyurea coating is specially designed to withstand the winter weather of Utah. The concrete coating also resists UV rays and will not change color over the years. In addition, the textured coating makes the surface antislip while still being easy to maintain. With maximum strength and resistance to calcium, our products are a logical choice to beautify and protect your building’s exterior.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Want your floor to shine more than ever? We do that too! Stark Coatings offers a wide variety of colors and styles of our epoxy coatings, for the perfect floor for your house or office.